Environmental Policy

As part of our actions to reduce our effect on the environment, CDL operates as follows:

Photo Voltaic (P.V.) panels have been installed at our Marden site to generate a signifcant proportion of the electricity we consume. Light fittings feature high frequency or electronic control gear and use LED or low energy lamps. Light fittings are additionally controlled by presence detectors and timers to ensure they are switched off when no one is present.

Heating systems incorporate high efficiency economising controllers and thermostatic valves.

External/security lighting is fitted with ambient light level sensors to ensure it is only activated when dark. Toilets are controlled by electronic presence valves to significantly reduce water usage. ‘Low energy’ hand dryers are in operation in toilets to reduce energy usage.

All company vehicles are diesel powered and are chosen for their low CO2 output.

High levels of insulation specified and installed into the fabric of all buildings to improve insulation and reduce heat loss.

All waste paper, used cartons, packing materials and unwanted printed matter are collected and sent away for recycling. Our customers are encouraged to return all used/unwanted cartons to us to be collected and sent away for recycling. Wooden pallets are collected and sent away for re-use/recycling. Printer toner cartridges are collected and sent away for re-use/recycling.

Used electric lamps are collected and returned to a WEEE recycling plant.

IT and office equipment is switched off at night when not in use. Redundant IT/office equipment is collected and sent to a WEEE recycling plant www.sweeep.co.uk

Minimal waste is sent to landfill.

Low carbon choices are specified/preferred in all purchasing decisions.

Packing boxes and other corrugated packaging materials supplied by CDL are sourced in environmentally friendly brown cardboard.

Colleagues and customers are supplied with chilled/filtered drinking water from dispensers running from the mains water supply, rather than bottled water deliveries.

All waste metal and P.V.C is collected and is recycled to make other products.

All pallets damaged or not reusable are chipped and sold as animal bedding, garden mulch or woodchip boilers for heating.

All the water collected from the 160,000 square foot roof, is used to wash lorries and flush toilets.

Local farmlife is present to keep grass cut and keep areas tidy.