Showers & Shower Pumps

When you are deciding what style of shower you require, you need to determine the type of water heating system you have installed in your home. This will affect the choice of shower and the shower performance. To identify the type of system you have installed, there is a quick guide outlined here or you could also ask a qualified installer. This will ensure you pick the correct shower and enjoy your showering experience to its full potential
Gravity Fed Hot Water Systems: The usual configuration consists of a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. This is the water supply traditionally installed in UK homes.
High Pressure System: Instantaneous gas water heater or combi boiler. Combination boilers are increasingly used in the UK; a wall mounted floor standing boiler heats the water as it is used.
Unvented Systems: Hot water is stored in a large cylinder under pressure. This system has no requirement for a cold water storage tank.